Baseball - Pitching

Lateral Lunge

Goal: Control "falling" down the hill

Problem: Pitcher rotates early

Problem: Pitcher's arm lags

Outcome: By staying balanced and “sliding or falling” down the hill, the pitcher can rotate late, utilizing all the stacked power upon landing. This creates explosion upon rotation increasing velocity while increasing mechanical repetition.

Hip Rotation

Goal: Utilize power in legs to help drive thearm through the core

Problem: Pitcher’s arm is behind the body

Problem: Pitcher is unable to stay on top ofthe baseball

Outcome: By utilizing the power in yourlegs and driving the arm through the corethe pitcher can keep the arm in sync withthe body and stay on top of the baseball.This creates better timing and morerepeatable mechanics.

Push Off

Goal: Create separation as you drive down the mound

Problem: Pitcher does not stay stacked, not maximizing velocity

Problem: pitcher does notmaintain balance over their drive leg

Outcome: By creating separation as you extend down the mound, the pitcher is able to stay stacked and maintain balance over the drive leg to be in position to maximize velocity

Baseball - Batting

Rotational Lunge

Goal: Drive through leg creating power

Problem: Batter only uses upper half

Problem: Batter needs to increase exit velocity

Problem: Batter needs to increase power

Problem: Batter is unable to stay on the top of the ball

Outcome: By driving through the legs, the batter can utilize the lower half(power) and stay on tio of the ball. this will help increase exit velocity & power.

Hip Rotation

Goal: Separate hip from hands - hips come through first

Problem: Batter is off-balance

Problem: Batter is unable to wait back on off-speed offerings

Problem: Batter is unable to hit the outside pitch

Outcome: By the hips coming through first and "pulling the hands" this keep the batter's weight back, assists in keeping them balanced throughout the swing to "stau back" on off-speed pitches and handle pitches in different part of the

Lunge to Knee Drive

Goal: Explosion through finish

Problem: Batter does not get full rotation of the hips

Outcome: By exploding through the finish you maximize full hip rotation the swing, increase exit velocity and power.

Baseball - Fielding

Side Shuffle

Goal: Control and stability laterally for fielding

Problem: Fielder is out of control moving laterally to approach the ball

Outcome: Fielder is able to stay controlled and stable while moving laterally to appropriately approach the baseball when moving laterally.

Crossover to Back Hand

Goal: Power with wide knees for stability to balanced backhand

Problem: Fielder is unbalanced or out of the position for backhand

Outcome: Fielder can drive through the crossover while maintaining balance to be in the appropriate position for a backhand.


Goal: Strenght and staibility through low split stance

Problem: Fielder is unbalanced or flat-footed at point of fielding

Problem: Fielder is not in position to react to an unexpected bounce

Outcome: By being stable and strong in a low balanced position the fielder is in a better position to react to unexpected hope and gather the ball through the hips to get into the throwing position.