Qbands is the #1 high-performance, portable training system that activates an athlete's competitive edge, for any sport, from anywhere in the world.

Train your clients or yourself like pro athletes using the same powerful Qbands system & online training library that elite sports practitioners and athletes use to create dramatic gains in their athlete's health and game! Use the Qbands to develop the explosive power & injury resilience you or your athletes need.








Dr. Andy Barr, a renowned expert in training and rehabilitating the world's top athletes, has developed a comprehensive program designed to enhance your sports performance and prevent injuries. This unique approach incorporates sports-specific training in every single workout session, enabling you to improve your game consistently.

The program focuses on rehabilitating and preventing injuries from the comfort of your home, ensuring that you are always primed for selection. It is specifically designed to develop explosive power in various aspects of sports, including throwing, hitting, kicking, and passing. Moreover, it enables you to make quantum leaps in speed, running, sprinting, jumping, and landing performance quality.

By building powerful resilience, this training method adds years, if not decades, of longevity to your playing dreams, allowing you to pursue your passion for sports for a longer duration. The program is portable and comes with everything you need to get started, making it convenient and easy to integrate into your daily routine.


Quantum Performance Bands were developed by expert Physical Therapist Andy Barr to help elite athletes meet the intense demands of their game.

Quantum founder Andy Barr is a former pro soccer player, who had his career cut short by an injury. Driven by his passion to help other athletes avoid injury and maximize performance, he earned a BSc in Physiotherapy, an MSc in Sports Science, and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. A leader in his field, Andy has worked with The Nets, The Knicks, Manchester City FC, NYCFC, Southampton FC and Bolton Wanderers FC

For over 20 years, Andy has worked with athletes and teams from the NBA, NFL, EPL, UEFA, MLS, PGA and the Olympics. He consults with players worldwide and athletes travel to see him in LA for off-season work, biomechanical testing and for injury rehabilitation.

Years ago, Andy searched for a system that could deliver the world-class results his clients needed. When he couldn’t find that system… he created it himself.


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