Using the QBANDS

Using the QBANDS


Once you get a feel for using the QBANDS and configure some of the the basic setups, the options and the way the QBANDS can be used are endless! Our hope is that using this system stimulates your ideas and gets you thinking creatively! There are no limits to how QBANDS can expand your training & programming.

Using the QBANDS

To get started using the QBANDS, set up the core configuration (listed below)— and then go on to the power ten exercises. This is a really useful and comprehensive way to get started with the bands as it includes some of my favorite exercises that are excellent for building an athlete’s foundation to their training. The Power 10 will help with improving core strength, overall stability and balance, movement efficiency, increasing power, help with jumping, landing, sprinting, and stopping more effectively all while decreasing injury risk!


Getting started with the QBANDS!

Start with the core configuration set up to get started. This is the most common set-up and the configuration I use most with athletes!

Step 1 attach the wrist and knee steps, they are labeled left and right. Ensure the knee straps are three inches directly above the knee cap so the metal loops are on the inside of the leg.

Step 2 attach the waist belt. Put the Quantum Logo directly in line, and below the belly button.

Step 3 Attach the 25” band from the right knee strap, going through the innermost center ring on the waist belt, connecting the end to the left wrist strap.

Step 4 Attach the other 25” band from the left knee strap going through the outermost center ring on the waist belt, connecting the other end to the right wrist strap. (Opposite of Step 3!)

Step 5  Connect the small 5” band to the left and right knee straps to the front metal loops just above the knee cap.


Other QBAND Set Ups

There are other configurations and use cases for the QBANDS, like we mentioned, there are countless ways to use this system. We provide a resource LIBRARY with instructional videos on set up and training with QBANDS!


QBANDS Purpose and Uses

I use the bands in many different ways.. I use them for rehab, helping injured athletes, for developing sport specific actions, activation pregame, total body strength, corrective exercises, and more.. One of the key advantages of the QBANDS is their versatility. They are extremely portable and can be used in different environments. It allows you to take a top tier training device and program anywhere! To read more on why Andy created the QBANDS and their inspiration, check out OUR STORY page!

The QBANDS were built for people to do any type of exercise that they want with them. Even if it’s an aerobic exercise session, you can put the QBANDS on to ramp it up. We've witnessed an incredible experience with practitioners who start incorporating QBANDS in their programming as a way to add another layer to their own programming and take their athlete's game to the next level!

Purchase QBANDS

To purchase a set of QBANDS visit the SHOP

For easy video tutorials walking you through step by step, check out the LIBRARY!

We take pride in making sure you get your questions answered! Our team is available through DMs on instagram or through email We appreciate you taking the time to read this, thank you!

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