Our Professional Services

Sports Physical Therapy

There are no cookie cutter approaches or generic rehab protocols at Quantum Performance. Using a top down approach, we create an individualized plan specific to you and your sport or activity. Assessing your sport's specific actions and your movement, we find your areas of need and develop a plan to ensure an optimal return to sport.


Concierge Physical Therapy

Unable to make it to one of our locations? We can deliver rehab to you! Whether it's at your home or office in LA or another state, we will ensure you are given the best rehab no matter where you are. We will send out one of our highly qualified physical therapists to go see you at your convenience.


Performance Testing

Whether you're returning from injury or trying to improve your performance, we offer testing to gain insight on your deficits with our Quantum Performance Analyzer. Using our Camera and Sensor system in conjunction with force plates we can determine your areas of need in order to improve performance or reduce injury risk.
We create customized testing protocols relevant to your sport, collect and analyze your results, and provide you with actionable and meaningful insights to improve your performance or determine your readiness to return to sport.


Strength and Conditioning

We approach our Strength & Conditioning the same way we do our physical therapy, individualized and relevant to your sport or activity. Random exercises give random results. We determine the demands of your sport and we build out your training around those demands. Through specific and individualized training we can ensure that you will improve in your key performance indicators relevant to you and your sport. Come train with our S&C coaches who will help you improve your performance in your sport.


Massage Therapy

Training is one of the most important aspects to improving performance but recovery is equally as important. Whether it's for physical recovery after a long week of training or if it's for mental stress reduction, we can provide you with a great massage session with one of our highly experienced licensed massage therapists. Come and boost your recovery game at one of our locations or we can have our therapists come to your home or office.