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QUANTUM PERFORMANCE Analyzer translates intelligent insight gathered on the field of play into individualized programs for injury risk-reduction practices and athletic performance training.

QUANTUM PERFORMANCE Analyzer complements Andy’s elite-level sports experience with the innovation of computer vision combined wireless motion capture technology and field-based assessment to empower athletes and teams with simple, tangible, real-time insights. This data is translated into clear development criteria, specific interventions and individualized solutions for the development and protection of athletes.


Our assessment takes players out of an artificial lab setting and back into their natural environment as we objectively screen individual athletes for any injury risk and athletic performance deficits. Using the science of biomechanics and Andy’s expertise that inspires real-world tests, we create reports that equip athletes with practical insights to optimize their performance. Objective data collected across the team gives coaches baseline performance measures and a depth of insight to fine-tune player training and development programs.


• Dynamic, sports-specific task assessment: providing an objective biomechanical profile within the specific performance environment, analyzing performance related to general strength, force absorption, reactive strength, speed, power, agility and reaction time.
• Basic action assessment: objectively capturing joint angles and weight distribution during basic actions to identify any related asymmetry, mobility or control issues.
• Functional mobility and postural control assessment: objectively capturing key ranges of motion that influence movement health and performance with computer vision combined wireless motion and force capture technology.
• Core control and strength assessment: identifying direction-specific motor control and strength deficits linked to injury risk and athletic performance.
• Body region isometric force assessment: identifying joint specific weaknesses linked to injury risk.
• Anterior cruciate ligament integrity testing: detecting stiffness and changes relating to biomechanical asymmetry, hormonal changes or excessive load.


Our camera and sensor system keeps the athlete in their environment and tests the movements they use most. Customized test protocols include Sports Specific tests to provide deeper analysis of positional demands and greater insights to programming


With over 20-years experience working in professional sports, Andy applies this extensive knowledge along with current research to create position-specific tests that capture individualized data. Our innovative screening captures a variety of kinematic and kinetic variables within the assessed tasks, such as tri-planer ground reaction forces, joint angles, rate of force development and absorption, joint angular velocity, as well as whole body and joint specific velocity and acceleration.

This wealth of data gives athletes and teams the advantage of specific recommendations and proactive interventions to allow for optimal risk reduction and athletic performance deficits that may limit future player and team development.



QUANTUM PERFORMANCE Analyzer provides a complete end-to-end experience that is user friendly and immediately applicable to any performance setting. Rich data is translated into comprehensive reports that give specific areas of focus, suggested exercises and supporting videos making the recommendations simple to integrate.

For players, individualized report offer feedback and suggested interventions for general strength, mobility, movement, asymmetries, force absorption, reactive strength and total body power. Step-by-step video guidance supports a prioritized weekly plan to aid players in their own learning and development.

Coaches see specific areas for athlete development, as well as a player’s baseline measures in relation to the squad. Areas for immediate intervention and those to monitor are highlighted, and data is translated into development focuses and recommendations for each category tested. This end-to-end assessment equips teams with real foresight and tangible actions to support their training programs.

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